Rollout & Operation Services

Planning & Design

Project Management & Turnkey

BRIGHTCOMMS can support your company by executing turnkey projects for rollout and taking over project management. Drawing on our extensive experience, we can determine the strategy that will optimize your company's resources and allow you to meet your goals on time, with a clear visualization of the progress and costs.

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Site Selection & Acquisition

BRIGHTCOMMS helps customers identify the best location for placement of telecommunications and/or utility facilities. Our local expertise allows us to identify viable sites quickly and deliver on time. As part of our Site Selection and Acquisition services, we provide search area investigation, candidate submittal, site lease negotiation and execution, zoning representation, and building permit submittal. These services may also include nomination of potential site alternatives.

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Site Installation

BRIGHTCOMMS is highly experienced in rollout services. The Site Installation service begins after site construction is completed. We can install antennas, feeder cables, cabinets, and BTS equipment along with completing related cable/feeder connections according to the Radio Site Engineering Report.

BRIGHTCOMMS can provide multiple installation crews according your needs.

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Site Commissioning

After installation, BRIGHTCOMMS will power up and test your equipment in a standalone environment. Cable connections are also tested at this time, and the last software and settings are loaded into the equipment configuration. This service is offered by BRIGHTCOMMS as part of the turnkey site deployment solution.

Site Integration

When equipment is commissioned, network elements must be connected and integrated in order to become a functional part of your network. BRIGHTCOMMS offers this service as part of our turnkey site deployment solution.

Additionally, BRIGHTCOMMS has developed specialized software that automates this task and reduces response times.

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Site Rehoming

For rehoming purposes, BRIGHTCOMMS offers a software platform that is capable of automating the entire process in few clicks. By using this software, your company will be able to run these tasks in-house, saving money and time. Our platform, which supports multiple vendors, is available today.

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Preventive Maintenance

To guarantee superior network operation and ensure lower costs, it is necessary to deploy preventive maintenance measures. Preventive maintenance ensures that networks continue to function under normal conditions. As part of its preventive maintenance routine, BRIGHTCOMMS' services include monthly structural checks; functional tests and software and hardware checks; quarterly checks; call testing, inventories, and battery checks; microwave and property maintenance and annual checks; power supply tests; grounding tests; and antenna tests.

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Corrective Maintenance

BRIGHTCOMMS’ Corrective Maintenance services include a support function for isolated problems, alerts, and disaster recovery services. In addition, any failures will be managed within a reasonable timeframe.

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Network Operation

Daily network operation is laborious and time-consuming. Allow BRIGHTCOMMS to take over this task. Our Network Operation service includes maintenance and monitoring of the system, assuring a high degree of quality and a quick response time under an SLA agreement./p>

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Vendor Management

With its Vendor Management service, BRIGHTCOMMS is proud to offer a total solution—including management, compliance verification, and acceptance of vendor projects. In this way, we will make sure that your company receives what it pays for. Through this service, BRIGHTCOMMS acts as your representative, handling the day-to-day management of the project and verifying that at each stage the vendor reaches agreed-upon targets.

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