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Planning & Design

Radio Network Planning and Design.

Network planning is a key activity that will impact directly on your system performance. A network with a deficient design will generate extra costs not only because you will need new sites, but also for the time, effort and money involved in network optimization, which will negatively affect your operational costs.

The typical network planning service is based on offering coverage in the first phase, delivering capacity in the second phase, and finally improving quality of service for your subscriber. But why do this in three phases? With our proposal you will get the best results from the beginning: we will support you to add capacity where you will need it and to deliver the best quality service with a great coverage footprint.

Let BRIGHTCOMMS support your company from the beginning, and we will plan your network, optimizing your resources with less hardware and more expertise. We are not interested in selling your company more boxes, we are looking to optimize your investment and save Capex and Opex for you.

Radio Network Planning Update

Have you ever thought about how many coverage sites you still have working in your network from the initial coverage phase many years ago? Are they still useful?

Network planning update is a service designed to help operators enhance their existing resources and deploy new networks to satisfy current subscriber demand. This service helps remove or modify negatively impacting cell sites that may be limiting your network capabilities, without affecting the service for your customers.

Currently you probably have multiple networks, such as GSM, UMTS and LTE. Combining these networks and deploying new technologies can deliver significant efficiencies. Our network planning update service helps optimize this merged networks environment, allowing you to serve your existing subscribers with equal or better service, supported by fewer cell sites.

In-building Planning and Design

BRIGHTCOMMS offers tailored indoor coverage solutions, providing measurements, survey, design, installation services and optimization to ensure correct radio integration to the outdoor network. Designs are accompanied with comprehensive and informative documentation. We can support your company to provide isolated or combined 2G, 3G or 4G solutions.

BRIGHTCOMMS in-building services can be performed in full turnkey projects or to assist in completing specific tasks within a broader customer project.

High-speed data service is currently a highly critical demand from subscribers in the competitive telecom market. For this reason a service provider company must ensure they can deliver proper signal levels and optimum capacity in indoor structures. BRIGHTCOMMS will help your organization select the best solutions, including DAS and fiber optics.

Small Cells and 3G/4G Wi-Fi Offload Planning & Design

Mobile network operators the world over are facing a common structural problem in their businesses. Traffic growth is outstripping the capacity of 3G network deployments in urban “hot zones”, making it difficult in some cases even to hold an uninterrupted mobile phone conversation during rush hour. In turn, operators are under pressure to offer faster data speeds to keep up with their customers’ insatiable demand for data intensive applications. But the implications are dire: the cost of transporting data is expected to outpace revenue, and a poor user experience resulting from network congestion will result in churn, one of the largest costs operators incur. Consequently, operators are planning to use every tool available to them. Smarter Wi-Fi systems are one essential tool as well as Small Cells.

BRIGHTCOMMS has developed methodologies to work with these systems and obtain the best results for your company. These solutions are very powerful but require careful planning to ensure they do not create excessive noise, which degrades the performance of other cells.

RF Model tuning

The model tuning service for the radio propagation tool is vital for the optimum growth and optimization of the network. The precision of the predictions depends on the proper adjustments of the constants involved in the mathematical equation used, For this reason your organization can be confident in delegating this task to BRIGHTCOMMS because we are highly experienced in this area, and we will attain the maximum accuracy possible for the model.

Simulation tools such as MENTUM Cell Planner, MENTUM Planet, AIRCOM Asset, ATDI ICS Telecom, SIRADEL Volcano and OPTIMI Wizard, among others, need proper calibration to achieve a real behavior in the propagation simulations of signals. The model tuning service integrates field activities, such as transmitter adjustment, CW drive test for collecting information and samples in the field, with professional activities as data processing and calibration directly over the tools by the RF engineers.

BRIGHTCOMMS is able to perform this service for standardized access technologies like GSM, GPRS, EDGE, CDMA, WCDMA, HSDPA, HSDPA+, HSPA+, WiMAX and LTE for all environments (urban, dense-urban, rural, etc.) in a range of frequencies from 400MHz up to 5GHz.

Radio Network Design Database Update

These days we have huge networks with a considerable number of different elements. Maintaining a centralized database that is versatile and easy to upgrade is critical, but challenging for both operators and suppliers. To make this easier, BRIGHTCOMMS has developed specialized tools that allow customers to store, view, and update information on each element of the access network, regarding the different technologies in operation as well as those planned.

This solution offers an outstanding advantage and facilitates the engineering and optimization processes; as well as helping the O&M and NOC personnel. BRIGHTCOMMS will execute a turnkey project in order to collect all requested data from the field (at the same time that fix the inconsistencies) and later fill out in our proprietary tool for visualization and control.

VECTOR (RND Module) is a web based specialized tool developed by BRIGHTCOMMS that will help your organization reduce operating costs, save time and centralize the information from your network, making it available whenever you need it.

Spectrum Refarming Planning and Design

Spectrum refarming is a very cost effective way to re-purpose existing, and often under-utilized, GSM or UMTS spectrum for use in LTE, or to introduce new carriers. This means that spectrum is re-allocated where your company currently needs it.

Typically the biggest threat to operators is degradation of the GSM or UMTS networks due to the spectrum reduction. But through our knowledge and experience, BRIGHTCOMMS can deliver the same performance, or even improved performance, with reduced spectrum.

If you need spectrum refarming, BRIGHTCOMMS will take care of the project, using our proven methodology to reach your goals in time and reduce your costs.

Core and Transmission Planning and Design

To support our radio network designs we also provide core and transmission planning to ensure you have sufficient capacity and redundancy within your core, and access to support your radio network.

We can even help you evaluate your current network transmission plan. For example, do you have a disaster recovery plan? How could you handle a major incident?

Backhaul Planning

Backhaul plays an important role in mobile broadband, and is increasing in importance due to the introduction of heterogeneous networks. Deploying a large number of small cells to supplement macrocell layers, improved and densified, requires a range of flexible, highly scalable mobile backhaul solutions that provide support for a superior user experience.

BRIGHTCOMMS will help your company obtain a stronger and reliable backhaul for your new solutions, supported by our expertise in this area.

IP Network Planning & Design

The RF world is now the IP world, with subscribers demanding high data rates and new services. To meet this demand, the IP network must be carefully planned and optimized.

Convergence and IP planning are critical for successful networking. The wrong IP configuration or capacity could limit your network and result in low performance.

Contact BRIGHTCOMMS to plan or improve your IP network and boost your system today.

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