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Audit & Consulting

End to End Services.

The BRIGHTCOMMS philosophy is to deliver end-to-end services as first option, eliminating as many middle layers as possible to optimize performance and efficiency in any process and thereby meet all milestones for our customers.

BRIGHTCOMMS has the capability to manage all the aspects for any services offered, from RF to O&M. Just let us know your requirements, and we will customize a proposal to meet your needs.

In our experience, the results obtained by end-to-end projects are more reliable, faster, and cheaper and offer a higher quality.

Audit Services.

Radio Network Audit

A radio network audit provides a valuable snapshot of a specific aspect of network performance. With this service, BRIGHTCOMMS’ top-notch team of professionals will evaluate key indicators of your network. The ultimate goal is detect any potential risk and to establish a work plan for improvements in a specific time frame, giving the network a solid competitive edge in the market.

An audit is also key to identifying the areas most in need of improvement, or when looking to make cost reductions, it can highlight those areas where cuts would have the least impact, for example verifying your license type(s) and quantities and crosschecking with your hardware so that you pay only for the licenses that you need.

Radio service is the most sensitive with respect to the subscriber, and any operator must take care of such relationships. This product is also available as part of our end-to-end audit, which is our most comprehensive offering, covering Core, IN & VAS, Transmission, and RAN audits.

Core Network Audit

Core network issues could be a leading cause of problems reflected in the radio stage, and your team can spent a lot of time trying to resolve them, looking in the wrong place. The core function is critical for a good network performance.

A core network audit provides a valuable snapshot of a specific aspect of network performance. With this service, BRIGHTCOMMS’ top-notch team of professionals will evaluate key indicators of your network. The ultimate goal is detect any potential risk and to establish a work plan for improvements in a specific time frame, giving the network a solid competitive edge in the market.

This product is also available as part of our end-to-end audit, which is the most comprehensive offering, covering Core, IN & VAS, Transmission, and RAN audits.

Smart Phone Audit

Smartphones use is growing very fast, revolutionizing subscriber behavior and directly impacting the operators in all aspects. The smartphone audit is a service in which BRIGHTCOMMS evaluates the performance of different types of smartphones using a series of tests to get the viewpoint from the system itself and from the field into your network. We deliver to you the final results and a set of recommendations and settings to improve the performance of smartphones over the network, taking into consideration the use of the system resources.

Roaming Audit

Roaming is an important source of revenue in this market, and all operators are taking advantage of it. BRIGHTCOMMS will evaluate where most roaming traffic originates from and any issues they are experiencing. We also identify the movement of roamers off your network and then detail your strengths and weaknesses compared to your competitors.

Contact us and increase your profit by protecting your roaming users and keeping them in your network.

IP Network Audit

In this converging market where voice and data are closer every day, the IP world is a fundamental piece of your network performance. It doesn’t matter whether you have the better radio equipment; your results will be poor if your network is running over a poor-quality IP network.

Don’t risk your network income – contact BRIGHTCOMMS now for this service and verify your network satisfies your current and forecasted needs.

E911 Testing & Accuracy Verification

BRIGHTCOMMS’ E911 testing and accuracy verification follows official government guidelines for Network-Based Location Technologies evaluation. BRIGHTCOMMS works with each E911 team to define the coverage area, whether testing treats all locations in a service area as equally important or whether it concentrates on locations where 911 calls are most likely to be made. The test plan incorporates street level, in-building, and campus routes.

Accuracy measurements are made at each point of a sample set of locations. BRIGHTCOMMS then performs tests at each of these sample locations to determine the distance between the actual location and the location reported by the Automatic Location Information (ALI) system.

The recommended biannual validation of accuracy service includes:

  • Test Plan Definition
  • Live Field Testing and Data Collection
  • Data Matching and Analysis
  • Comprehensive Reporting

Consulting Services

Technology Evolution & Implementation Strategy

BRIGHTCOMMS’ experienced consultants are able to deliver the recommendations your business needs to stay on the right track for technology services. With an independent point of view, BRIGHTCOMMS’ team will advise you about the best strategy for your company to evaluate, deploy, grow, and maintain your network according to your requirements, taking into consideration state-of-art technology for your benefit.

Prepare your business for the future and become competitive by mapping your company’s strategy for tomorrow. Contact us to get realize the vision your company deserves.

Vendor Selection Advisory

BRIGHTCOMMS will support your company in evaluating the responses to RFI and RFP for the introduction of new technologies from vendors. BRIGHTCOMMS is able to support you through the entire process, from the creation of the RFP/RFI to the evaluation and comparison of the responses from the vendors.

Factors such as products, features and roadmap, timing of availability, descriptions of technical elements, standard conformance, interoperability, and pricing among others must be carefully taken into consideration.

Contact BRIGHTCOMMS and let us advise you about the most appropriate vendor to fill your needs.

Vendor Features Assessment

This service helps your company to assess new network features and technologies from a technical and business point of view. A new feature assessment includes a technical trial on a limited area of the network to assess the impact on the network as well as a business case study to offset the costs against the benefits received.

Your company’s needs depend on your strategy, so we will support you to incorporate the best elements to reach your goals. BRIGHTCOMMS’ consultants are experienced in assessing all the various options and providing you with the most appropriate recommendations.

Small Cells & Wi-Fi Offload Strategy Advisory

Mobile network operators the world over are facing a common structural problem in their businesses. Traffic growth is outstripping the capacity of 3G network deployments in urban “hot zones,” making it difficult in some cases to even hold an uninterrupted mobile phone conversation during rush hour. In turn, operators are under pressure to offer faster data speeds to keep up with their customers’ insatiable demand for data-intensive applications. But the implications are dire—the cost of transporting data is expected to outpace revenue, and a poor user experience resulting from network congestion will result in churn, one of the largest costs operators incur. Consequently, operators are planning to use every tool available to them. Smarter Wi-Fi systems are one essential tool, as are small cells.

BRIGHTCOMMS’ seasoned consultants will advise your company on how to deploy this solution, improving your network performance without incurring unreasonable costs.

Network Sharing Advisory

Network sharing could represent a potential way to save costs for your company, but trust in our experience to get a clear picture of the situation. We will help you determine whether it is convenient to do so, and assist you in evaluating a series of factors, including network evolution, potential savings, and strategic vision.

Contact BRIGHTCOMMS to advise your company on the best way to move forward.

Spectrum & License Advisory

Spectrum is the most valuable resource in the telecom market for wireless operators, but also the most expensive. So if you are considering a new license or expanding your current assignment, contact BRIGHTCOMMS and take advantage of our experience. We will advise your company about the most convenient way to move forward, not to mention helping you evaluate whether it is worth it consider other options that could reduce the costs prior to acquiring new spectrum.

Next Generation Networks

BRIGHTCOMMS will support your company delivering technical and business strategies for next-generation networks, giving you the preparation needed to ensure a fast and smooth network evolution, taking into consideration factors such as the legacy environment, business requirements, environmental restrictions, vendor management, and the architecture roadmap.

Our advisory services for a new network typically include initial financial analysis, business case validation, spectrum and license advisory, and network rollout strategy.

Contact us and be ready for new networks. Today is LTE, but tomorrow is coming and your company needs to go further!

Our Markets


Telecommunications companies are our main focus, due to our years of global experience in this field. We have a deep understanding of this market; we know the competition, and the innovation between players is amazing. We know that fast and confident decisions are the key to success in this field. You can be sure you will receive the best services—at the right price, at the right time.


Regardless of what sector your company is in, you will need technology. BRIGHTCOMMS can help your company understand and navigate today’s cutting-edge technologies and provide the management leadership necessary to get your systems up and running quickly, from cloud servers, wireless links to software development.

Let us suggest how your company can increase revenues and accelerate its performance. Need more information? Please contact us.

Government & Military

All government agencies and militaries use technology today. They need to know that their communications are secure and reliable, especially in a time of crisis. BRIGHTCOMMS has a broad spectrum of solutions to meet each need. We support governments and military entities, for example by evaluating wireless operators’ performance to help deploy public safety wireless networks for the community.

Contact BRIGHTCOMMS and count on the experience and responsibility required to meet your goals.


Energy companies today are looking for efficiency, and technology is a proven way to guarantee this. Besides the fact that their communications must be reliable, they must also have access to a good selection of new technologies in order to remain on the cutting edge of their sector. Energy companies should also partner with a company that can work in rough terrain and in difficult environments and circumstances. BRIGHTCOMMS can support you and advise you of the best decisions for your company—and help you reach your goals.

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